Mistress Dominique and Odette Delacroix BBW fetish xxx

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It is the afternoon on Thanksgiving day and I’m over my evil SSBBW Amazon-sized cousin, Dominique’s, house for Thanksgiving dinner. My stomach was growling and I could not hold off any long. I crept into the kitchen, looked to my left and looked to my right, then sneaked my way over to the fridge. Inside of the fridge I spied delicious pies, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and other Thanksgiving meal treats. That is when she caught me. Dominique grabbed me by my hair and accused me of trying to steal the Thanksgiving food. She never liked me to begin with and used this opportunity to really show me how she feels about me! I am dragged into the living room and pushed onto a chair. Then she sits on me, squishing the air right out of my lungs and flattening my lap and my legs. Dominique tells me how vain and attention-hungry I can be, and how she plans on humiliating me during the big Thanksgiving dinner. I’m pushed on to my back so that Dominique can crush my little A-cup chest and thin waist. When I am almost with all the squashing, Dominique then grabs this ridiculous turkey hat. She threatens that if I don’t wear it during the Thanksgiving dinner, she will come to my house and sit on me all night long! Even though I know I will be mortified with this goofy hat on my pretty little head, I know what I have to do. I put on the hat and waited for dinner to start.

Video length: 9:31

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