SSBBW Amazon Dominique almost saw the skinny bitch Odette in half!

Incident at the SSBBW Workshop


Product Description

It was a sunny afternoon when I decided to respond to an internet ad for custom-made home decorations. I tentatively knock on the large, old door of the workshop. Dominique beckons me in and begins to show me what she has for sale. After a little bit of small talk, she begins to stare intently at me, sizing me up and assessing my petite body. Then she begins to harass me, telling me that I’m awfully skinny and that she hates skinny chicks. I realize that this trip to the workshop is beginning to go wrong, so I try to leave. However, Dominique has other plans for me! She pushes my little head down on to the workshop table, awfully close to the skilsaw! I’m terrified, trying to escape and fearing for my life! Then Dominique throws me on top of the table, climbing up there as well to continue to punish me. The massive woman sits on me, first on my stomach, and then on my chest, crushing the air out of me! I can’t breathe and I beg to be released. She refuses. I try to push her off of me, but she weighs over 300 pounds and I don’t have the strength to move her. The more I yell and squirm, the harder she squashes my small frame. Eventually my eyes begin to flutter. Everything is getting blurry…

Video length: 9:09

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