Kellie Kay Gif 14 mins

Odette Takes All of SSBBW Kellie Kay’s 575 Pounds


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Today was big for me, and I don’t just mean big, I mean it was huge, massive, gigantic, and even, super-sized, one could say. I had been waiting years for this day to finally come. Today I got to spend time with one of my absolute favorite Chubsters and the biggest model I have EVER worked with. Her name is Kellie Kay, and she is the premier SSBBW. After I convinced her, Kellie wasted no time in letting me feel her tremendous weight. I laid on my back and Kellie literally rolled herself like a human rolling pin across me, enveloping my entire body and sinking me deep into the bed. So deep, in fact, that I practically disappeared within Kellie’s broad back. Then, to even out the squish, Kellie turned around and belly flopped on top of my back. Once again, I was completely gone; I became a non-entity. With my face pressed deep into the fabric fibers of the mattress, I took a meditative sleep, relishing in the incalculable amount of fleshy fat that was upon me. Kellie then gave me the ultimate butt drop and sat on my tiny twig of a torso, instantly squeezing my ribcage. Finally, I climbed on top of Kellie and sat upon mounds of tummy fat; a fitting throne for a nubile princess such as myself. We didn’t stop there. In an effort to put me in my place, Kellie had me lay on the lip of the bed, and then she lifted her super-sized belly rolls and dropped them on me like a ton of bricks. And I loved every second of it. Kellie Kay is the SSBBW of my dreams.

Video length: 14 mins

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Starring: Odette Delacroix / Kellie Kay Keywords: Plumper / Femdom / Skinny Chick / BBW / SSBBW / Bear Hugging / Tit Smother / Smothering / Wrestling / Trampling / Kellie Kay / Odette Delacroix / Struggling / Humiliation / Lift and Carry / Crushing / Skinny / Petite / Bitch / Chest Sitting / Belly / Butt Drop / Belly Roll / SSBBW / Fleshy Fat